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Gather is a testament to the profound significance of gathering in our lives. It is an ode to the ways in which we come together as individuals, celebrating our cultures and traditions, or the importance of grouping together with family and friends.
We gather in many ways. We collect, group, and share from our natural environment. We gather objects. What we call home is surrounded by these items that are not mere possessions; they are vessels of history, memory, and identity.
Gathering in all shapes and forms connects us to our roots and our understanding of the world. It serves as a reminder that, in the act of gathering, we find strength, unity, and the beauty of shared human experiences.
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Framed and Unframed Limited Edition Prints

Limited edition prints of 50 prints only.
Medium: Unframed – 800mm x 569mm | Framed – 870mm x 639mm
Large: Unframed – 1100mm x 782mm | Framed – 1170mm x 852mm
XL: Unframed – 1100mm x 782mm | Framed – 1570mm x 1136mm
Printed on high-quality heavy-weight rag paper using archival inks, hand-signed and numbered by the artist. A signed Certificate of Authenticity is sent with each print.
Your order is handled with white gloves and custom printed. Both the printer and the artist view the works being packed and do not allow for any imperfections.

Prints are made to order and may take 7-14 days or longer to be delivered. If you require assistance or your order completed on shorter notice, please contact Alissa on to help process your order with your required specifications.

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Size & Framing*

Medium Unframed – 800mm x 569mm, Medium Framed – 870mm x 639mm, L Unframed – 1100mm x 782mm, L Framed – 1170mm x 852mm, XL Unframed – 1500mm x 1066mm, XL Framed – 1570mm x 1136mm